Something in the Water

A New Thriller Series by Dean Comyn


SOMETHING IN THE WATER, a New Thriller Series. A brilliant young scientist and his potentially lethal discovery are missing. Was he kidnapped or complicit in a terrorist plot to murder millions?

Book One: “Drowning” follows Charles Burns and a newly formed unit of the Metropolitan Police as they search for a missing scientist who has developed a potent new vaccine and radical mass-delivery method. He and his formula have disappeared completely in what appears to be two coordinated and highly sophisticated operations. Little is known about the scientist, but his work has attracted the attention of more than just the Health Ministry. An unknown terrorist organisation, recently active in the London area, may be connected to the disappearance. It’s unclear who knows that the formula has a fatal flaw and could become a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.

The Unit’s first mission is to find the scientist and his deadly bioweapon and stop the terrorists from committing genocide. They must act quickly and quietly, and MCU2 has been put together to do just that: Act quickly, under the direct authority of The Home Office, and quietly, to avoid a panic spreading through the media. But there is little time before that, or worse, happens.

Below are some early reviews of BOOK ONE: DROWNING.